Do You Want to Make Money Blogging?

You've heard how profitable Blogging can be and want to start one yourself, but you don't know where to begin and you don't want to waste money and time to not make anything back. Great! You're exactly where you need to be. 

Learn what profitable blogging is all about by learning how the business model works. This e-book will guide you through every step of the business, from business planning, blog structuring, to converting your reader into customers. 

Become a blogger that makes money with help from me, Winnie MD.

Meet Winnie MD

Hi, I'm Winnie and I started blogging on and off since 2008. I blogged as a hobby up until 2018, where I started my passive income, life-by-design blog 

My blog was profitable by the end of its first year. Making me a steady $2000+ every month through digital product sales.

I don't have a lot of traffic, I don't have a high PA score and I don't spend any time creating backlinks. But my blog makes me money. 

Enough money to travel and live a location independent lifestyle without backpacking or staying at budget hotels.

Why? Because I created my blog as a business from day 1 and structured it accordingly. I only focused on the 20% that will get me 80% of the results and made every decision around clear objectives.

As of today, I now have 6 income streams, 4 of which are 100% passive. Money from my blog has given me financial freedom and time freedom to build a life I wanted. I can help you to start profitable blogs, so you can experience all the benefits passive income gives.

Course Perks

  • Extensive

    39 pages of Kindle publishing knowledge at your fingertips. I call it a crash course, but this e-book covers everything.

  • Online / Offline

    Access your learning material online in your learning area or download it to any device to read offline.

  • Valuable Extras

    Every active enrolment includes a resource cheat sheet to let you start making money faster.

  • Bonus Lesson

    Every active enrolment includes a free bonus lesson that's more valuable than the whole course!

  • Value for Money

    You get life-time free updates to any new editions so the ebook stays up-to-date. Pay once and never again.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Blogging Crash Course

    • Read this first
  • 2

    Your Learning Material

    • Blogging for Money ebook crash course
    • Additional Resources
  • 3

    Bonus Lesson

    • Bonus lesson!
    • Let me teach you how to guarantee monetary success before you even start

Who is this for?

This course isn't for everyone. Make sure this course can help you before you get it.

  • You're on a tight budget and can't afford a comprehensive video course yet, but you really want to start blogging

  • You're unsure if Blogging is the right business for you to start, and want to gain some clarity without spending too much money.

  • You already have a blog, but its not making any money and you don't know why


I don't know anything about computers, but I enjoy writing. Is blogging write for me?

You don't have to be computer savvy to start blogging profitably. This course will guide you through the most technical aspects in an easy to follow manner. 

It's more important that you enjoy writing to create content for your blog, so if you can write, then you're good to go.

Are there any upsells and additional costs?

There are no upsells or additional costs. Getting this course is enough to learn how to start a profitable blog. You will, however need to pay for a domain name, hosting service and email marketing service of your choice to put what you learn into action.

I need extra help, what do I do? 

You can contact if you have any questions regarding the lesson materials. Additionally you can apply for 1-on-1 coaching for additional help that goes beyond the course material.

How long do I have access to the course? 

You can access the course material for life. There is no expiry date to all active enrolments.

When does the course start and end

You can start the course at any time after you enrol, learn in your own time and go through the material as fast or as slow as you want. 

What payment methods do you accept? You can use credit, debit and PayPal to purchase courses. All purchases are protected by Paypal's consumer protection policy

What is your refund policy? Because of the nature of the product, refunds are only applicable to individuals that have not logged into their course area. 

You won't find a better opportunity than this one!

For just $20, you'll get the knowledge and confidence to start

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